What would you do when a business that you are heavily invested in emotionally and financially gets disrupted beyond viability?
This disruption could be a result of a global, macro or socio-economic catastrophe. Think of war or the current global health pandemic we’re in. The natural instinct is to consider your investment and find a way to get back in control of the market and narrative by any means necessary.
Such a scenario is usually accompanied by an opportunity to rethink, re-look, and redo. Open a #BlankCanvas.
he Samsung Group is arguably South Korea’s most powerful conglomerate. Today it is popularly known for manufacturing electronics. However its origins will surprise you. In 1938, founder Lee Byung-chul initially founded Samsung as a grocery store. The grocery store sold dried Korean fish, noodles, vegetables and other consumable items produced within the city, where the grocery store was located.
From trading as a small dried fish and vegetable grocery store in a South Korean city. Samsung has completely transformed into a huge multinational conglomerate that now trades in electronics, construction, heavy industry, advertising and insurance to name but a few.
The story of Samsung’s origins is a great lesson, on normalizing a blank canvas. On every path you are subjected to be emotionally invested in what you begin with, However disruption might mean the death of that idea and the birth and pursuit of an entirely new one.

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