3 simple steps to help you get ahead in marketing

I have observed through my various discussions with fellow small business owners that there is a very easy way to get ahead in marketing and win at business.

It takes just three steps, and it’s so obvious that most people never notice it. At the same time, the approach is so useful that those who employ it never cease to solely reap the benefits regardless of how crowded their marketplace is.

The following simple questions give you a perspective of the solution.

  • Is your offering designed around the needs and wants of your market (or customers)? Many businesses in every sector offer a stunningly similar range of services. Think of your immediate competitors, are you not duplicating their offering and just clothing it within your brand confines?
  • Are your operating hours purposefully timed, so you can provide service when your market needs you?  Most businesses in any industry simply copy each other, they call it 8-5. I like to do my personal shopping after work but most personal care shops in my neighborhood close at 5pm, and open half days on Saturday. There is one though that opens on Sundays and it goes without saying that they get all my business.
  • Is your pricing based on the unique value that your business provides? The vast majority of businesses set their fees closely around whatever their competitors charge. That way the average customer has an idea of the average price per offering. The question becomes: Are you offering an average service to an average market or you have a unique valuable offering to a niche that is happy to pay for the additional value? I would assume no.

Getting ahead in marketing is very easy.

  1. Offer exactly what your ideal prospective clients need.
  2. Be there when they need you.
  3. Then charge what you’re worth.

It’s easy. It’s obvious. All it requires is the courage to walk away from the crowd and do it.

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