5 simple ways to grab attention of your marketplace.

With so many me-too businesses sprouting up everyday in the marketplace, it’s becoming increasingly necessary to carve out a unique service standard that not only grab the attention of the market; but earns you business an insane load of referrals.

How difficult is it to make your business stand out and appeal to your relevant market? I would say its easy, in fact very possible.

The 5 examples below are from business owners who are getting it right.

  • The hairdresser who not only keeps your hair looking beautiful but provides all the hair products you need. So you never have to go to any other hair shop.
  • The bookkeeper, who sets up a network for his clients. So they can connect with one another, help one another and buy from one another.
  • The mechanic, who provides a provisional vehicle for your usage while he fixes yours. So you never have to be stuck because your car is getting service.
  • The cafe owner, who not only offers customers great food but provides internet and a printing hub. So they can utilise the cafe as their second office/home.
  • The security company owner, who not only keeps your property safe, but also provides all the security products and consumables you need and delivers them to you.

The challenge has never been that it’s difficult to make a difference, it has always been that it’s easier not to.

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