Best Marketing vs Best Offering- Here’s how it works.

Have you ever thought why your competitors outshine you even though you have a more superior product or service than their offering?Have you ever thought about why your competitors outshine you even though you have a superior product or service?

A lot of people worry about this phenomenon in their businesses and today, I will break it down here.

The distinction between the best product and the best-marketed product is enormous. Think of your Apple and Samsung phones or your airline of choice vs the usual noise that occupies the media from competing brands.

  • The best-marketed airline can easily become the best-selling but it doesn’t make it the best experience.
  • Music fanatics will agree that the best-selling album is never the best music album because marketing makes the difference.
  • And the best-selling fast food brand is never the most nutritious. It’s the best-marketed brand.

The brands with the best marketing are always those with the most compelling story and employ exceptional tactics in delivering the story, strategically targeting the most relevant audience.

This concept works, even when the product or service they are offering is average. Getting the marketing right is a proven method to grow a consistently profitable business.

So, what happens to the best product and service providers who have an average approach to marketing? Well, unless the best providers also have the best marketing, the average providers and those with average marketing will eat their lunch every time.

This doesn’t sound fair at all, but what does or is? And, what are you going to do about it?

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