I cherry-pick high quality clients and ignore the rest. Here is why it’s working

Are you in need of high quality clients?

In business, as in life, every outcome is a product of it’s factors. The results of your marketing are largely based on the quality of ingredients in your mix.  Likewise, you will not succeed in growing a valuable business, with low quality clients.

When deciding on how to market and position a business, marketers will end up with just two choices:

  1. Attempt to appeal to everyone [the largest imaginable audience].
  2. Precisely target you preferred persona of customer and ignore the rest.

Most owners whose businesses are struggling choose the first option and I understand how their thinking works:

By casting our net wide to target everyone, we may access more potential customers. And hope that it will translate to actual buying customers.

Unfortunately, the reality is a far cry.

The problem with this approach, is that people will relate only with your business enough to buy from you, if your marketing is relevant and directed to them. Targeting everyone is not only expensive, you end up being very popular to people who don’t need your services and directly relevant to none.

Don’t tell me that beggars don’t get to choose.

When you get on the market, you are not a beggar. You’re a business owner. Admitting that all clients are not equal is a reason enough to be highly discerning. One who has experienced the headaches and setbacks of keeping low quality clients, will know better that to keep them.

Getting low value clients is never any marketer’s dream. It’s simply a result of using a hopeless and blurred marketing strategy. Instead of consistently attracting  premium, direct enquiries from your model persona of client, you end up with random enquiries from an assortment of audience.

This ineffective strategy will leave you with no choice but to accept any client that comes. And that cycle will continue, until you decide to market your business seriously.

The few smart business owners whose businesses are thriving, chose option 2.

They are certain about the persona of customer or client that their business intends to service. They then concentrate absolutely on pitching to these ideal potential clients. They understand what matters to most to them and they use targeting to create marketing that directly connects with what the clients want.

This allows the smart business owner to market to the right people, with a directly relevant, highly motivating marketing message.

Marketing in its nature should excite and stimulate people to take action. It has to be targeted, motivating and convincing. That’s exactly what you need, if you want to attract far more high-quality clients or customers in 2018, than you did in the past.


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