How kind are you to your customers?

People Notice.

People in general and customers in particular have a remarkable ability to notice, remember and or forget how they are treated by those that provide service to them.

They are generally aware of the environment in which they receive service. They know when you as a service provider are having you best days and when your chips are down.

Because people generally notice, it’s important that we are aware of how we treat them, if we want to market our business successfully. For they will chose to remember or forget what they notice.

What people notice while transacting may be simple but it’s personal to them and can inform they next purchasing decision. For example, they notice:

  • When they are treated like the only ONE just to grab their attention and custom, then treated like just numbers once they give it.
  • When a brand promise and it’s delivery experience mismatch..
  • When we’re more focused on what’s in it for us, than what’s best for them.
  • When pricing regimes in bad business times are clearly bent on ripping them off hiding behind a crisis. (Take the money transfer rate as an example).

They remember.

Because they notice, they will remember also what you did when times were tough for them. They’ll recall how you treated them when they needed a break… when your support meant everything.

Yes, even those who never thank you, will cherish you. Most people dont find it easy to show gratitude, especially when they’re embarrassed by their situation.

On a personal note, I still remember people who helped me when I was starting out in business. I remember those who believed in me, when no one else did. I remember those who introduced me to useful contacts. And I remember those who mentored me and guided me.

They also tend to forget.

People soon forget yet another pat on the back, when they’re going through a boom period. And they’ll quickly forget yet another offer of help, when they clearly have absolutely no need for it.

As a business owner, you already know that your time is scarce. So, use it wisely. Where it can have the greatest impact.

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