Does your service offering match your marketing?

Does your service offering have to match your marketing? I am so puzzled.

You claim to offer a premium service of great quality, yet you attach average fees to that offering. Apart from your brand name, your service offering is distinctly similar to that of your competitors. And then you talk about delivering professionalism in your work, but I don’t see anything professional about your client interfacing marketing. There is nothing special about your social networking profiles and company website.

You are right to think that I am judging you and, in a way, examining your marketing and service offering. But the truth is I am not. Someone else is, and that person is your potential client.

The internet has made it very easy for our market to check us out. This makes it judiciously essential to make sure we match our service offering to our marketing. We lose a potential customer the moment they notice a disconnect between our offering claim and the delivered experience. We may get a second chance, but even then; it’s a demanding struggle to repair a bad first impression.

Here is what’s real: If you’re striving to provide a premium professional service, ensure that your marketing is equally as professional.

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  • shelton nyadundu

    am impressed.

    • Tirivashe Mundondo

      Thank you Shelton. I am intrigued and motivated to know that the effort I put in writing is appreciated. keep coming by.

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