How to set, manage and achieve your monthly sales targets.

Do you struggle to reach your sales goals? How are things looking for you this month in terms of your sales targets? Are you on track?

If you answered yes.

That’s impressive. You are surely on a good path and you can only continue in it. Do not allow yourself to be content, instead learn every day from your sales trends and continually reinvent yourself. Assess what you are doing well and find the most effectual elements of your marketing, as well as any elements that have not performed well.

Strive to cultivate and improve your strengths. Every outcome is a product of its factors and chance gives birth to absolutely nothing. Therefore, investigate where you are deriving success from and build on being more successful in the next quarter.

BTW, Congratulations!

If you answered “no” then pay attention as I give you a comprehensive guide and resources that will help you set the right goals in a way that facilitates the manageable attainment of such.

So what do you do if you are off track with your sales targets?

This is the best time to examine your current marketing strategy in order to bounce back on track. List in detail every marketing initiative you are employing to aid your whole marketing strategy and evaluate how good or bad the strategy has worked for you thus far.

You could be currently employing certain tactics in your marketing simply because you find it easy and convenient. STOP IT!

What you need, is to ascertain the appropriate marketing mix for your business, based on your targets and the resources available to you.

BTW, and if you can’t quite figure it out as yet, reach out here so I can help you with marketing tips.

But What sales targets?

This may surprise you but it’s true, most small businesses don’t have mechanisms in place, to set and track their sales targets.  This is why the whole process seems very complex. The lack of tracking procedures makes it difficult and overwhelming to find any success with your sales targets.

The key, is for you to comprehend the sales volume you should be achieving weekly or monthly, that way you can easily achieve your annual sales goals and turnover. If you break apart the annual number of required sales down into monthly or weekly targets, you will find it much simpler and less overwhelming to stay on top of the figures.

Here’s an unpretentious, simple way to determine what your sales targets should be, in weekly, or monthly chunks.

  1. Define your expected revenue for the whole year.  By appreciating the big annual figure, you will be able to list how many sales you need to be making annually.
  2. Now, find out how many sales you would need to make throughout the year, in order to tally the expected annual revenue.
  3. Divide this number by 12 months and you will have your monthly sales target. You can simply divide by 52 to discover your weekly sales targets.

This is what’s awesome about sales. No matter how bad things look right now, the right strategy and approach can always change things around. You can improve your approach and not only achieve your annual sales targets but succeed in achieving much more in even lesser time.

If you need better results with your sales activities, you need to make better marketing decisions and employ effective marketing strategies. Believe me, nothing will just work; you need to align strategic marketing in order to enjoy the triumphs that your hard work deserves.




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