Start now, that’s what matters.

Isn’t it amazing how time flies? At the time of my writing, we are already seeing through the tail end of the second week of 2019.

Here is why this matters: Most people made resolutions to do certain things right this year, yet within the first 10 days, some of these profound declarations are beginning to appear lethargic and beyond reach.

Sometimes it surely feels like you are in a vicious loop year in year out, resolving to do business better next year only to fall back to the ways of yesteryear. If only you could get started on the great objectives you intend to pursue…

Those that understand the importance of starting will stick to the commitments they made to themselves.

To some, excuses justified as reasons for not starting will start to creep in.

There is a false comfort that always comes with an excuse such as a lack of tools or other resources to start on your plans when in reality it is just a lack of will.

The truth is it doesn’t have to matter what tools you use, as long as you will deliver on the goal. So do not wait until you get a new computer. The people who changed the world seldomly used the best tools on the market, they used the best available to them.

No, it doesn’t really matter how you plan what you write. What matters is that you start writing something and in the end, with contineous improvement, publish a masterpiece.

No, it doesn’t really matter how inspired you feel. You don’t wait for inspiration to appear, lest you wait for an eternity. You command it to appear..

Here’s what matters.

 Get started that’s all that matters. Learn to identify your stalling tactics. Then call them out for what they are.

Now you’re free to focus on doing your best work in 2019 and beyond.

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