Supply, Demand and Fees. What’s at play?

There is one undoubtedly accurate theory about supply, demand and fees. The most successful businesses and consultants are always in high demand. Its the same reason they command the highest fees. They provide something of value, which is in short supply.

The same knowledge provides us with balanced reason to conclude that the average business is never in high demand. This is  because they continuously churn out products and services that are of average value and so abundant that the market is saturated. Nothing is more ordinary than a mediocre business.

Here’s how you get on the right side of supply, demand and fees.

Hard work or talent alone are not enough. You should work smart enough to produce amazing results and at the same time take great care of your clients. Most of your competitors are constantly improving to achieve that. Thinking otherwise will only cloud your judgement into underestimating your competition. And that’s no ordinary blunder.

Creating high demand and billing high fees is not a walk in the park, it comes with embracing the overwhelmingly involving stuff. It comes with a commitment to provide the specs that are more humane than product. These include a willingness to be leading, caring, initiating, creating, inspiring and encouraging. These things are in short supply market-wide because they’re too challenging, terrifying or prickly for most business owners.

Is this easy? No! Is it worth it? Absolutely!

The very fact that it’s so terrifying to be leading in offering value is why it’s so rare and consequently in such high demand.

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