tirivashe mundondo

Who is Tirivashe Mundondo?

Tiri or T.C as he is affectionately known is a marketing, advertising and technology innovations inspirator. He challenges and stretches everyone’s imagination to move into a more creative, growth conscious and innovative space. Tirivashe Mundondo has nearly a decade of professional experience in the field of business development, marketing, PR, and branding for medical, real estate, technology, and service industries.


He is the Founder & Managing Partner at TBGA, an Integrated Consulting Group.


As your Growth Mentor™, I will help you master the skills you need to start, build, and drive your business consistently towards profitable Growth.

I can help you guide your marketing efforts and enable you to acquire more customers. Interested?


  • Tirivashe was instrumental in building our brand into what it is today through his agency The Brand Guy. As a small startup with a limited budget, he helped double our revenue in less than 12 months and created a long lasting stream of revenue generating traffic.

    Khako Mwayera
    Khako Mwayera OnDemand
  • Tirivashe is one of the top growth professionals out there. He has a huge impact on everything he touches. I wish I could clone his drive. Every time he comes in to train our team, they leave buzzing with new ideas, techniques and confidence.

    Mercy GoDomains

From “WTF” to “oh snap”, I’m growing my revenue by 20% every month!


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