Why fit in when you were born to stand out.

Do you understand the competitive advantage that your business, product or service would possess if you were able to make it stand out?

Let me tell you why this is an important question.

It’s easy to identify the style of a famous artist, say Picasso, if you are exposed to their body of work. That is because great artists embed their style in every piece of work. It’s so unique that it effortlessly links back to them. It’s as good as their signature.

That is why different designers who use the same studio and equipment including software, will produce different styles of work to the same design brief. Each creates according to their unique personal attributes.

Consequently, when studying the work of any successful business owner, we find that their work is just as unique and individual as that of a  famous artist. They operate in the same environment and use the same software and tools as thousands of their competition, but their outcome is uniquely attributed to their style. It’s their signature.

Think of Apple and Samsung, they use processors and other parts from the same hardware manufacturer but both have their individual attributes uniquely embedded in their different products; and the difference in their product experience is easily noticiable.

Don’t focus on the tools but rather on the possibilities, what you can do with them.

What you can uniquely do with the tools at your disposal is more important than the access to those tools. Think of it this way, many marketers use email marketing, yet their message is foreseeable and lacks their individual signature. Millions of business owners use social media for marketing, albeit, mostly the same way – without a unique signature.

In order to find success, you need to move away from what everyone is doing and start doing things your own way. For example.

  • If you want a bigger audience, create a message worth paying attention to – not what everyone else is saying.
  • If you want to aid your direct marketing with word of mouth referrals, make sure your brand, product or service is worth talking about.
  • If you are like me and want to attract higher fees for your work, deliver work that’s  worth paying more for. An offering different from everyone else’s.

Your individualism is your most valuable attribute to your work. It actually takes just being yourself

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