This concept will make you understand the logic between learning and negative earnings. In the early stages of the business, you are either learning or trying to earn. A realistic journey that will most probably end in success is realized when the amount of learning one does surpasses the income earned at a certain point, in other terms one should be prepared to engage more often for knowledge rather than profit at this stage because knowledge capital is more valuable than anything.

The Sprouting Curve

You priorities are mere variables through this course and being able to identify and evaluate them according to your time-frame is essential. A rite of passage of sorts, certain obstacles can only be experienced practically and the best way to overcome them is the preparedness and willingness to learn. Embrace and accept that when we are actually learning new things, our performance is not at its peak. Organisations therefore need to encourage and reward independent informal learning and recognise the value of it – even though it doesn’t appear to generate direct results. If an organisation is hoping for disruptive ideas, it’s particularly important to create a climate that nurtures critical thinking and sharing of ideas.

There is value in negative feedback – even if we wouldn’t want to acknowledge it. It is hard to improve on anything if you are unaware of your own limitations or shortcomings. Getting negative feedback isn’t easy so people tend to avoid it. But when you want to trigger curiosity you need to highlight the knowledge gap – becoming aware of what you don’t know. Needless to say, negative feedback must be received in a constructive albeit delicate way. Another way to build self-awareness is to encourage and facilitate experiential learning. It highlights our default behaviours and heightens our self-awareness.

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