How to grow your business without much money.

Growing a business has become an every day essential. We are living in an era where almost everyone understands the need of passive income and more so, the flexibility that comes along with owning a business.

Many people want to start a business today but the major stifling bottleneck has always been saving up enough money to facilitate marketing your business from inception to self-sufficient. Today, I am going to share with you three ideas that you can employ to help you grow your business with a minimum financial outlay.

  1. Charm your customers more than any of your competitors

Charming your customers is a useful captivating strategy and one of the most astute marketing investment you can ever make. By enchanting your existing customers, they become an exceptional source of new, high quality leads through personal referrals.

When one receives a superb level of service from you, they tell their tribe and followers. That way, they spread the word about your business, albeit for free.

Furthermore, you will be able to retain your existing customers at no extra cost. Otherwise, growing a business without the ability to retain customers is as bad as filling a bucket with a hole in it. You won’t get anywhere.

What’s important here, is understanding that the process of giving and receiving starts with giving. If you want your customers or clients to evangelise the world and become your voluntary brand ambasadors, you need to deliver an experience that’s worth talking about, first.

  1. Outfox your competition.

It doesn’t cost you a penny to be creative. If you improve your  creative thinking skills, you will get ahead faster and fly higher. You can spot opportunities that most people miss. You can solve problems faster and with better, more profitable answers.

Some people claim they are not creative, which is factually incorrect. We are born creative. However, to tap into our creativity and get the best results, we can all use a little help.

  1. Learn from your market on what matters to them

Social networking has made easier than ever to connect with your future customers or clients. Most small business owners use social media to sell or they automate their activity. They treat social networks as a one way street broadcast medium, rather than a communication medium.

The smartest people use a human approach to social networks. They build relationships with people and listen to the needs of their marketplace. My best advice is to reach out in a human way. It works!

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